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Stop Overthinking Your Logo

When clients ask for a logotype that explains their business, I get it – they think it’s crucial. But here’s the real deal: a brandmark doesn’t need to spell out your entire story to be successful. In fact, many of the world’s most iconic logos don’t tell a story at all. They’re simply recognizable signatures that complement the brand’s narrative.

The truth is, the more information we cram into a logo, the quicker people will forget it. Iconic logos are iconic because they’re quick to identify, simple to recognize, and easy to remember. They’re not about detailed illustrations; they’re about making an instant connection.

Think of any successful brandmark – chances are you could draw it from memory. That’s not just because you’ve seen it a thousand times. It’s because it was designed to be memorable from the get-go. If you need more than a few strokes to sketch out a logo, it’s probably overcomplicated.

Another thing: logos with built-in narratives are a trap. They limit your brand’s potential to evolve and fill the mark with meaning over time. Let your brand’s actions and promises tell the story. The logo should be a mark of trust and quality, not an all-encompassing tale.

Your products and services should stand out on their own. The logo? It’s just there to make people recognize you and remember the value you bring. It’s not about cramming every detail of your business into a tiny graphic. It’s about being a reminder of who you are and what you offer.

So, here’s my take: Let your brand’s performance do the talking. The logo is your signature, not your biography. Don’t fall into the trap of over-explaining – that’s what your website and marketing materials are for.

Keep it simple, keep it bold.

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