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Grown up with the web.

I’m Phil, a WordPress developer, business owner, designer, and creator working with people around the world from my home office in Frankfurt, Germany — and sometimes from other places too.

Hey, I am Phil, a freelance WordPress developer.
I survive thrive in many places.
2023 to present. Yep, that’s me.

Multidisciplinary freelancer combining product development, design, and engineering.

I started tinkering with the web back when dial-up tones were the hottest track of the year. I dove into coding like a kid in a candy store, and quickly decided that if I could make a career out of it, why not? So here I am, a self-proclaimed freelance developer.

I discovered the potential of WordPress back in uni while studying interactive media design, and yeah, it was kind of a mess — but so was I. We’ve both come a long way since. Today, it powers over 43% of the internet, a testament to its enduring relevance.

After graduation, fueled by relentless caffeine, pasta pesto chicken and sheer determination, I jumped headfirst into developing WordPress themes, eventually reaching over 35,000 customers worldwide. Along the way, I’ve collaborated with everyone from industry giants to innovative startups, helping them carve out significant digital footprints. Over a decade later, WordPress has evolved, repeatedly proving that it remains the most potent and versatile builder on the market (despite the occasional bad rap).

Got a project or just want to sip an espresso? Give me a shout. We’ll either end up crafting something epic, or you’ll get some good stories — either way, you win.

If you’re still on the fence, here are my six core principles that guide everything I do.

Be authentic

No suits, no corporate polish — just raw, genuine dedication. I bring my whole self to every project, imperfections included. I’m a real partner committed to making your vision a reality, no fluff attached.


Create with intention

I don’t just build, I create with purpose. Each project is thoughtfully planned from the start, focusing on your goals to ensure we make a significant, real impact, not just add to the digital noise.


Collaborative spirit

When you work with me, expect open lines of communication and timely updates. I value building trust through transparency, showing you progress every step of the way.


Build connections

I make your digital presence a true extension of your brand, ensuring that every touchpoint seamlessly interacts. It’s about making your tech feel as human and connected as you are.


Make it last

The web is ever-changing, and so are your needs. I focus on creating flexible, scalable solutions that not only stand the test of time but evolve with you. I don’t like temporary fixes.


Make it fun again

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of innovation. I choose projects that challenge and excite me, bringing a level of enthusiasm and creativity to everything I do, ensuring meaningful results.

Built to last

Invest in a website that grows with your business. Your new website will adapt to future web standards and technologies, keeping you ahead without the need for constant redesigns or overhauls.

SEO dream

Boost your search visibility effortlessly. Fast-loading pages optimizes your content for search engines, helping you climb Google rankings. Our sites are perfectly prepared for your SEO strategy.

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